Video Poker – The Versions of Casino Plays

Video Poker - The Versions of Casino Plays

Video poker is one of the versions of casino plays. It was introduced in early 1970’s. The play resembles a lot more with the slot machines. Currently it is one of the famous forms of gambling.  The game is best to play for the one who is fond of a game played through the element of skill .Along with less money application and higher possibilities of winnings.

The video poker game includes easy rules and play ways. You are offered to play for 1 to 5 coins. The machine will give you five cards. Select the cards of your choice from these. The discarded cards will be replaced by the machine along with the pay of the value for the card you chose to hold.

The Play Way strategy for Video Poker

Here is the list of some good strategies which will help you play a winning game.

Simple and Better Strategy

This strategy is recommendable to play on a full play machine which gives up to 99.50 % return. You need to select the highest valued card from the list which includes royal flush, high pair, two pair, 4 to a flush, one high card 4 to a high flush and others. The selection of the variety of the card will decide the value of your return. A higher card means a queen, jack, ace or king which means return of whole bet amount.

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Simple strategy for deuces wild version

For playing Deuces wild video poker game the simple strategy to try your hand initially on the selected deuces ranging from 0-4. These includes Pat royal flush, 3 to a royal flush, full house, pair 2 to a royal flush, 4 to a flush and including many others. Select the highest of the list and get win the maximum returns, Agen Sbobet.

Super aces bonus strategy

It lists amongst the variety of optimal strategy which gives returns up to 99.94%. This strategy should be used for 8/5 Super Aces Bonus Poker. In this strategy you need to try your hand closest to these listed ones pair of aces, 3 aces, 4 of a kind, pair of jacks , king or  queen, 4 to a flush , 3 to a royal flush and 4 to a straight flush.

Double Bonus strategy

Sbobet – The choice of the type of hands used in your strategy for playing the 10/7 Double Bonus Poker decides the value of your winnings. So you must strategize and play a safe hand with straight flush, royal flush, three aces, high pair , two pair, full house and three of a kind.